Australia Day 2013

On Australia Day 2013 we had our 1st trip as a family to San Francisco! ( someone told us to not call it San Fran ) So like a true Aussie I will be calling it Sanny Franny from now on. We decided to join the  San Francisco Bay Area Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas group for a meet up. We met some really fun Aussies, some OK Kiwis and steered well clear of the Saffas. We Caught the Caltrain from Mountain View.


The gathering was at a bar just opposite the stadium ( ATT Park) where the Sanny Franny Giants play baseball. That was pretty sweet, we cant wait to go to a game.


It was a great day but we wanted to explore a little, so we went for a walk. We didn’t quite make it to the Golden Gate (this city is quite large it turns out) but we made it to the Bay Bridge which is massive! there was this neat HUGE bow and arrow that the kids were playing on.


After that we found this awesome Rocket Ship Sculpture. I have been told from a reliable source that it was created by an Artist at the Burning man Festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Its huge and its Awesome. When it was created the Artist told everyone to hang about on a Friday evening when it would lift off, and this is what occurred See Here. Then it ended up in SF on the bay. NOW THATS ART.