Golden Gate Giggles.

Well we had a fun day today. But first I have to post this wonderful pic of the squirrel in tree. He is right outside lounge room window. His name is Gary the Squirrel and as you can tell from the image he has quite a grip. Don’t let him steal your nuts, you’ll never get them back!


We drove into Golden Gate Park and rode the bikes. Ill tell you what, its pretty hilly. Not Warrandyte hilly, Everest type hilly. Each time we are out we always attempt a wicked group selfie, and today was no exception. This was at the highest point of our trip.


This Bridge was built in the 1932 and its way bigger than you would expect. Who ever though to paint this thing red was spot on.


It was a clear day today which is unusual it can be quite foggy here so we lucked out.


Our plan was to ride over the bridge today but a miss calculation on the topography made that a bridge too far, pardon the totally intended pun. It looks pretty small way over in the background, we were about 1/2 way on our bike ride here, it wasnt long after this we turned around and got in the car to drive over!


We drove over and it was spectacular. We have decided to actually walk it next time so we can stop and take some more photos.

bridge3Looks big in the above photo, there were tour busses and cameras everywhere.


When you are on it, its freaking massive. It was at least 4 lanes going each way. One thing you don’t get from most photos is the Art Deco detail, like in the image Nic caught on the¬†way over. ( Not bad for a chick ).


It was a really fun day, and actually the surf just nearby was pretty huge as well.