The Dunkers win the title!

It was the last game James will play with his mates at the Slam Dunkers. One of the most amazing come from behind victories ever seen. The boys six points down came back to win by 3.

James shooting a free throw that went in!

James Mc Shoots the 1st of the comeback goals.

All the boys played fantastically and Dave the coach was over the moon. There was a huge cheer at the end of the game from all of the proud parents.


James is hoping he can find a team just as enthusiastic as the Slam dunkers when we move to the USA. Perhaps the LA Lakers?

1 thought on “The Dunkers win the title!

  1. Still cant talking about the Dunkers !
    Jai my wife has had enough of it..she thought I took it a little far when I suggested we take the story to Hollywood..Oh well.
    Good luck in the States Mchughs..Ill keep an eye on the blog & cant wait to hear the news of James taking on the locals at their own game.
    Take care.
    Dave (Gatorade drenched coach)

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